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In today's increasingly competitive, dynamic and information based business environment, retailers need to run their IT systems more efficiently and cost effectively than ever before. Single store need a POS system that can retain their customer to compete with large super stores. Chains stores are expanding their presence across geographic regions and, in many cases, across national boundaries. Additionally, they are expanding into new markets that extend their brand to new product categories.

Meanwhile, with the Internet having raised expectations for customer services, customers are expecting retailers to deliver a consistent experience, regardless of whether they are inside the store, phoning a call center, or at their computer. Also, as wireless technologies emerge, consumers will expect their retailers to interact with them using the new mobile services that are on the horizon.

ARCPOS understands retailers needs and offers a comprehensive range of services that are designed to ensure the success of your projects and enabling them to focus on their core business.

ARCPOS offers solution on Architecture and Design, Customisation Services, Development & Implementation, Deployment, Integration & Maintenance, Proof of Concept and Training Services. Working with ARCPOS customers, we have identified specific situations that are common and call for a similar service based solution as below.

Consulting and System Integration Services

Our Consulting Services typically involve a wider, ongoing partnership with you as our customers. We work together to identify and apply technology solutions to specific business needs. Our retail solution consultant of technology professionals can supplement your internal Information Technology staff or you can choose to outsource specific design or development tasks to us.

Installation and Training

We continue to provide a high level of service to our customers. Post-installation, we will install our software solutions modules, data migration, upgrades, and even fine-tune your system directly on your computer from our office. Our professional trainers can arrange customized training sessions for your beginner or advanced needs.

Deployment, Integration and Maintenance

We offers a cost effectively ongoing reactive and proactive services to deploy, integrate and maintain developed systems. A flexible Maintenance Service plans to meet each customer's unique needs. Annual plan customers can access our product experts seven days a week for an unlimited number calls, fax and email support are available.

Software Development and Implementation

Our solutions are very flexible and can accommodate most retail business processes, however, the system can be modified to suit any unique requirements you may have. Our seasoned development team have the skills and experience to analyse, define and help improve your business processes, and propose a solution that will achieve all of the business-defined objectives.